One-Stop Solution, Single Entity Transaction

  • End to End Expertise to develop custom-designed solutions that optimally meet project objectives, including cost reduction, increased efficiency in energy usage, and reliability
  • Single Supplier, Single Transaction offers convenience, fewer headaches and reduced burdens for clients: no laborious vetting of contractors, no lost hours managing daily coordination and logistics between multiple suppliers, no troubleshooting.
  • Turnkey Execution & Complete Accountability provides peace of mind. Because we’re accountable for the ultimate, overall success of the project, it’s up to us—not you—to ensure that each design, technology, construction and financing decision works cohesively and optimally to meet your goals. You can rest assured that we’re not cutting corners or compromising because we’re on the hook with you, often for the project’s entire life-cycle.

Customized, Requirement-Driven (not Technology-Driven) Solutions

  • Technology-agnostic… we’ve built flexibility our into approach to ensure we’re not tied to any particular technology or equipment supplier, we free to develop the most efficient, customized solutions using the full range of systems, technologies, packaging or partners that best suit your project goals, whether that means lowest cost of ownership, efficiency, or other specific incentives, and whether the project requires a reciprocating gas engine or a gas turbine as the prime source and design.
  • So unlike the offerings of some companies, you’ll always know you’re getting a customized rather than “one-size fits all” design
  • Because we maintain control of the entire process and all equipment choices—no third-party supplier or company dictates technologies—we can continue to add the latest, most effective technologies, from whatever provider makes them available… So you can be confident that you always have complete access to the best combination of technologies and equipment and that all relevant options have been explored.

Lowest Total Cost of Ownership

  • Our decades of experience in design, supply and installation, as well as our data-driven selection model and real-world financial modelling enable us to identify and develop the most cost-effective, optimized power solution for your needs based on total cost of investment, not capital investment alone.
  • Access and relationships with the top equipment, operations and maintenance, and parts suppliers enable us to offer cost-effective solutions