At SWCogen, we set out with a very clear goal: to deliver the best possible solution for meeting today’s energy needs —cost-effectively, efficiently and sustainably.

With over 100 years of combined team experience, we know what those needs are:

  • Regulatory Compliance & Lower Emissions
  • Long-term Optimized Solutions (for efficiency, application)
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
  • 24-7 Reliability
  • Hassle-Free Maintenance

We believe that Combined Heat and Power (CHP), or Cogeneration, is the optimal solution. CHP is a thermodynamically efficient use of fuel that simultaneously produces double or triple energy for power, heat or cooling, from a single source. It can double the efficiency of conventional power systems while cutting emissions in half. Whereas conventional systems offer about 37% efficiency, CHP efficiency can reach 85%. Our goal is to deliver the benefits of customized, natural gas-based CHP solutions to you at the lowest total cost of ownership possible.

But we go well beyond that. Implementing a CHP system is a complex process, involving a wide range of technical skills and expertise including feasibility analysis, engineering and design, financing, procurement, manufacturing, construction, integration, testing, and life-cycle operations and maintenance. Each stage has to not only be optimally planned and executed, but also coordinated flawlessly with clear accountability throughout the process.

That’s why we believe the key factor in ensuring a project’s success is end-to-end control by a single firm.

That’s what SWCogen offers: a cost-effective, quality, end-to-end CHP solution, handled by one highly experienced, trusted company. From initial planning to testing and commissioning to operations and maintenance throughout the system’s life-cycle, we do it all for you.


We provide solution from the project’s feasibility stage through testing and, commissioning, system integration, EPC project management, access to and procurement from quality suppliers from the project’s feasibility stage through testing and commissioning.


We built and supply SWCOGEN branded CHP Boxes starting from 340KW unit to 2000 KW unit. Our CHP products are also part of NYSERDA Catalogue Program.

Further we’ve built flexibility into our approach so that we can design and engineer the best solution available to  your project needs. Whether it’s for a gas engine or gas turbine prime source, we will design using the optimal system, technologies and packaging for you. We pick the best-in-class technology OEM to design our CHP Solutions. Our parent company’s global operations enable us to command best relationships with these OEMs. This ensures readily available support for any troubleshooting and reliable after sales services.


Our longtime experience, remote monitoring technology, and industry relationships reaching down to the local level ensure 24-7 reliability, hassle-free operations, and dependable speed of response.


We understand that risk minimization and return maximization are the most important factors for any investment decision. We can maximize incentives, optimize the financial structure and monetize all value streams depending on your needs and goals. We begin our process of financial optimization from Day 1, when we analytically analyze plant load data to suggest the optimum plant configuration. We calculate Real Cost of Plant Ownership so as Investor can take an informed decision. A single entity transaction with Client enables maximum incentive realization.


Our expertise in all of the factors above enables us to manage both the details and big picture to bring you the greatest long-term project value.

Because we’re a one-stop solution, we’re accountable for the quality and coordination of every aspect and stage of the project. And we’re good at it. We take all the headaches and hassles out of the process for you: no laborious vetting of contractors, no lost hours managing daily coordination and logistics between multiple suppliers, no troubleshooting.

And unlike other providers, we’re accountable for the ultimate, overall success of the project, not just one piece. So we’re invested in making sure that each design, technology, construction and financing decision works cohesively to best to meet your goals. That means we can’t cut corners or compromise because we’re on the hook with you, often for the project’s entire life-cycle. And that’s just how we like it—because that’s how we deliver quality and client satisfaction.